In one of his songs Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle says:”If wishes were fishes, I apperceive area I’d be, casting my net in the aphotic rolling sea, and if my net’s abandoned if it comes aback to shore, I’d bandy it abroad and go fishing no more”.

He afresh continues to explain his greatest wish:

“I ambition I was home again, at home in my affection again…it’s been a continued time, aback my affection batten to me…”

It seems that to this artist a chat with his affection is the one affair which he calls happiness. His is addition of those sad “If-Only Stories we all apperceive too well.

The If-Only-Game has abounding faces but all of them accept one affair in common. It is the angle that I can alone be blessed beneath assertive affairs which are not for me to create.

“…if alone I could about-face aback time…” – yes, but what were you accomplishing if that time was there?

“…if alone my accomplice hadn’t larboard me…” – yes, but what were you accomplishing if he or she was still around?

“…if alone I had added money…” – yes, but in what way would that money accomplish you happy?

“…if alone I was slim…” – yes, but how would getting abbreviate accomplish you happy?

We anon accept that we would be blessed if the “IF-ONLY” action was fulfilled, but annihilation could be added from the truth.

The accuracy is that beatitude is a activity and animosity appear and go. We can be blessed if we absolutely wish to be even if the alien altitude are not all that absolute for us – just as we can be very,very black in the best accessible alien circumstances.

Of advance our alien affairs amount and we charge to advance for the best altitude but the best alien altitude will not accomplish us blessed per se.

What is the secret?

The abstruse lies in our perception. We charge to see the adorableness about us so that we can rejoice and be happy. We charge to become acquainted of all the acceptable things so we can prosper.

Imagine active in a alcazar and not acquainted it.

Imagine accepting lots of acceptable accompany and not demography any apprehension of them.

Maybe arena the If-Only-Game prevents us from paying absorption to all the things we accept already got? Could it be that apperception on things which are not actuality yet leads us to absence all the acceptable things which are already actuality at our disposal?

I don’t apperceive the answers to those questions for sure, but I do apperceive that whenever I get ashore in the If-Only-Game my activity becomes a lot beneath agitative and a lot beneath fun, artlessly because I absence all the acceptable opportunities at hand.

Assisting humans to be in ascendancy of their lives and actualize the activity of their dreams is my mission. My affection lies in alive with animals and humans alike. Seeing humans and animals blessed increases my own beatitude level.